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About Us


Background & Business Activities is a genuine, strong and unique consultancy firm composed of professionals with proved and successful experience in the areas of Business Strategy, Human Capital, Management Services, Operations and Technology.

Together with our customers, we design strategies to achieve the most advantageous venture performance.

More than 200 years of experience in real business, this, if we put altogether all the experience gained by our consultants while being employed in the Industries we service

Company History


2008: Our first meetings were held with the idea of sharing the experiences gained throughout our work history.

Deeply convinced of the idea, it became a project. We spent the whole year in the development...

2010The decision came, we resigned to our current jobs and gave birth to the company. It was done, it is real !

Management Consulting Team

Michael Schultz , Industrial Engineer, PHD/CPC

Oswaldo J Cardenas, Industrial Engineer, MBA

Roy Christiansen, Mechanical Engineer, MSA/MBA

Edward Prieto, Electrical Engineer, MBA

Adriana Betancourt Key, Legal Advisor, MHR
1969 S Alafaya Trail, Suite 357
Orlando, Fl 32828

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FAX (407) 615.3492
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